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Turn analytics R&D into live applications that increase support for real-time decisions

Fast Data, Fast Decisions

Bellrock Technology's high-tech software helps utilities monetise and deliver analytics innovation to operational decision makers

Our smart software delivery platform reduces the time, risk and cost of producing live analytics applications from innovative models and algorithms

  1. Save Time
    Provides a standard mechanism for delivering innovation results to all users quickly and consistently, making it quicker to move to business-as-usual
  2. Decide Fast
    Gives users a single environment for all their applications, making it easier to assess complex information and take cost-saving decisions
  3. Deliver Smart
    Uniquely self-organises behind the scenes to seek out the data that applications need, removing the need for costly IT integration
  4. Update Often
    Encourages prototyping of new results to strengthen business cases and makes it easy to extend with tools developed by R&D partners
  5. Stay Informed
    Alerts users to the information they need to know when they need to know it, ensuring they are on top of key decisions
  6. Go Mobile
    Sends information to users wherever they are and is available across all devices so decisions can be taken on the go
"Lumen® notifies us when problems are expected. This helps us decide where resources should be deployed to minimise impact to our customers"

Jim Barber, SSE Power Distribution Network Operations Manager
Apps & Services
Demand for analytics innovation is at an all time high 
But delivering results to support real-time decisions is difficult. Using Lumen®, we help utilities to rollout live analytics applications that increase support for time and safety critical decision making.
  1. Predicting Faults
    Predicting Faults
    The service provided by electricity network operators can be disrupted by severe weather. Lumen delivers fault prediction algorithms that help to prioritise resources and restore power quickly.
  2. Operating Safely
    Operating Safely
    Safety is important to all utilities, but particularly in the domain of nuclear generation. Lumen helps to interpret complex data from safety critical processes to justify ongoing operation with less manual inspections.
  3. Monitoring Assets
    Monitoring Assets
    Electricity generators' profits hinge upon equipment reliability. This is particularly difficult to guarantee when assets are inaccessible. Lumen enables remote monitoring, advanced diagnostics and early failure warnings.
  4. Extending Lifetimes
    Extending Lifetimes
    All utilities face challenges with ageing plant but wish to defer replacement and decommissioning costs. Lumen helps to prioritise end-of-life decisions and supports business cases for plant lifetime extension.
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​About Us

Bellrock Technology's mission is to increase support for operational decision makers in established industries by accelerating their use of innovative data analytics.

Our main focus is currently the electric power industry, which is under pressure from rising costs, growing energy demand and ageing plant.

We work with utilities and their R&D partners to design, implement and deliver live analytics applications for a wide range of industry problems.

The company is a spinout from the University of Strathclyde, where we developed intelligent decision support systems, and a founding member of the Scottish Condition Monitoring Alliance.
This experience, combined with our Lumen smart delivery platform, lets us solve industry challenges extremely quickly. We can go from zero to deployment within days.
We plan to open Lumen to wider R&D teams in the near future to help industry capitalise on analytics innovation. The platform will enable continuous delivery of R&D results and make it more likely for companies to gain business value from innovation.
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